YAY, it’s Back to School Time!!

September 4, 2012

Be present, be organized, be ready

By: Tracey Hartman
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YAY, it’s Back to School Time!!


       I love this time of year but maybe not for the typical reasons a parent would.  For most parents who have to work full time or even part time outside of the home, going back to school usually means an end to a bill from the summer months -- the extra day care bill that’s not there during the school year.  It means a little breathing room in the budget for nine months.  But to me, back to school time represents the start of the next New Year.  A whole new year of learning new subjects, continuing to master previous ones, new sports challenges, new friends and solidifying old friendships.  It’s filled with all sorts of excitement and promise!

      So how come my reaction is different?  Because I work from home!  Working from home allows me so much more freedom in so many areas of our lives.  During the summer we get to play together without the added cost of summer day care.  We’re just coming back from nearly a three week holiday where we played together or did something every day of the week.  I’ve got all the school supplies we’ll need for the New Year and everything is organized and ready to go.  There’s an air of excitement in our house! 

      Working from home makes all the difference!  Financially it’s put us on a more solid road and it’s growing every month.  With what I do, I not only get to help my family but I get to help other families too and that is my favorite part. 

Working from home also allows me to make different choices.  Because I’m home with our children I get to also be their Teacher as a Home-Schooling Mom.  So I get to see and be a part of all those light bulb moments my children have as they learn something new or finally understand something that’s been tough to grasp.  It’s been so incredible to watch them grow and understand the world around us. 

Working from home has also been a great comfort.  There’s no stress with what I do.  There’s no boss standing over me pushing me to complete a project in a day instead of the three days it needs.  There’s no office politics that have to be maneuvered through like a land mine covered plateau.  There’s just working towards our family goal of being debt-free and building our dream home.  I know whatever time I can give to achieving our goals and helping partners to achieve theirs is time invested in all of our futures!  What a great way to spend my time!

So, absolutely, YAY, it’s Back to School Time!!  My hope for you is that by this time next year you can be saying that with me.  If you’d like to learn about what I do from home go to my website, www.wahurocks.com and fill out the Get Info Free Now page and I’ll give you a call.  Take the time to learn about what I do.  Give yourself the opportunity to say YAY for your family next year.

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