Anti-Bullying Awareness

September 3, 2013

Lee Ann Macik

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Note: PA Distance Learning Charter School is a tuition-free, home-based, online charter school that serves students from kindergarten through grade 12 across Pennsylvania.

Bullying is most widely known in its physical and emotional forms, characterized by a power imbalance between two or more students.  Conversely, bulling that occurs online, known as “cyber bullying” can be more difficult to detect among students.  The anonymity that makes cyber bullying unique can be problematic.  The act of cyber bullying is evolving with the spread of technology inspired communication, and therefore can occur in many different places and in many different forms. 

The Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School (PDLCS) takes great strides to ensure that students who may have been bullied in the traditional setting do not become victims of bullying in their virtual classrooms.  At PDLCS, students can feel safe in knowing that all school communication systems are monitored to make sure that the primary goal among students is helping one another grow and learn.  At PDLCS, teachers, students, support staff, and administrators work as a team to create a friendly, positive, and productive environment and to remind each student that they are valued member of our family.

FTC Disclosure: 
PA Distance Learning Charter School is an exclusive paid advertiser on this publication.  For almost 3 years we have promoted their facility to our readers and have worked closely with their representatives to bring an alternative option for education to our readership.