Our New Look and How It Fits You!

Does this new look make our butt look big?

By Team Macaroni Kid of Pittsburgh, LLC February 27, 2017

Okay?  What do you think?  It's finally here.  We're trying it on for size and we have one question for you? 

Does this new site make our butt look big? 

Okay fine we'll be serious. 

We are so excited to finally reveal our NEW website and newsletter! We think it's beautiful and we hope you love it as much as we do!  We think it looks great on us and hope it fits you too!  Here's how it has changed, here's how it's stayed the same and here's how we're still here to be your favorite go to resource for family fun!

Weekly Email Newsletter - a new streamlined look and shorter format direct to your email IN-BOX! This will make it easier for you to see the articles for the week and highlights of the week's events. We also will house SUBSCRIBER ONLY perqs and bonuses in our newsletter as much as we can!

We still have a calendar full of fun things to do with your family... we just won't be stuffing it ALL in your inbox. Please visit the site often to find out what's new and what you missed that wasn't in the newsletter.  

Calendar - new view, but all of the events are still there for you to scroll through, or to search by age or category, which will make it even easier to find the perfect thing to do with your family.  (we're hoping that the monthly view is available soon!)

Articles - also now searchable by category, or you can browse through past articles by clicking "see all" at the bottom of the article box instead of flipping through the old newsletter archive or searching your emails.

Business Directory - new format makes it even easier for you to connect with great local businesses for you and your family.

Guides  - our amazing resource guides will be housed in one area for you to easily find and use a resource!  Just click the guides tab to see any new guides offered or any previously developed guides that we're in the process of reloading! 

The only thing that hasn't changed is our total commitment to delivering you all the best family fun in our local area.  

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