Become the Publisher for Macaroni Kid Pittsburgh West - Robinson

January 4, 2021

Have you always wanted to find a flexible, work from home opportunity that allows you to entertain your kids, enrich your community and get fun perks? Now is your chance!  This Macaroni Kid site needs a new publisher and it could be you!

Macaroni Kid is a network of hardworking, self-driven moms who work from home, enriching their communities, all while still nurturing their homes and families. As a Macaroni Kid Publisher, you create a weekly e-newsletter of family events and activities in your community. Sounds fun, right!? It is!

Macaroni Kid Publishers publish their local newsletters and websites and keep all of the local advertising revenue and other publisher perks (free tickets to events, discounted travel, and more).  

Learn more about becoming a Macaroni Kid Publisher today by visiting or emailing or