OODLES OF NOODLES: Summer Fun With Pool Noodles

Obstacle Course, Room Divider, Stamps, Race Track and MORE! As Seen On KDKA !

June 28, 2021

What to do with all of these cool pool noodles!  They aren't just for swimming!

Pool Noodle Prints

Spice up your ARTS AND CRAFTS with simple pool noodle stampers!
Cut them into varying shapes, get some paper and go to town!

Pool Noodle Lacing

This one takes the cake.  We love it!  You can make this as simple or as complex as you'd like depending on your kiddo.  Put a small piece at the end to stop noodles from sliding off.  

Lightsabers and Jousting

Nothing says summer fun like beating your sibling over the head with a some sort of foam sword!  Total fun with little injury other than a wounded ego!

Luke, I am a cheaper lightsaber!

If that isn't fun ENOUGH for you how about jousting sticks?
Sit on pool rafts, use rolly desk chairs or even stick horses.  Whatever you do-- just HAVE FUN!

Just take some black and silver electric tape to make the end of the sabers. You seriously can't go wrong.  The duct tape can be repositioned easily and any design works!  

Use some colored duct tape to create some more "regal" designs on your jousting sticks.

Let them loose! 

Car Track / Marble Run

Cut a noodle in half and use the stairs to make a car run or marble run.  
This is total rainy day fun for the engineer or car enthusiast in the house!

Pool clam "dig."

Let the kids race and dive for treasure! A unique way to spice of the pool run!
Slice a pool noodle into 2 inch circles.  Then cut each circle partially through creating a "clam."
Hide a penny or something that won't harm your pool liner in it.

Throw them all in the pool and then let the kids race to find the oyster treasures!

Garland or room divider

Hang these as party decorations going sideways (totally easy) or use them to make a fun doorway decoration!  Simply cut lay out a pattern  and string with fishing wire and a needle.  We even used a large paperclip unfolded!

To keep them spaced apart we strung THROUGH each from top to bottom and then looped around the top again.

This keeps them in place. The bottom of each also has a tiny bead on it to keep the noodles from sliding off.

Attach them to a pool noodle up top, string a ribbon through the pool noodle and hang it on the wall above the doorway.  This takes patience but it's worth it in the end!  

Noodle Obstacle Course

Last but not least we have our Macaroni Kid brings this everywhere we can because the kids LOVE IT. You can make this on your driveway!

You can create amazing things with pool noodles big and small.  We’re famous for our mini vehicle obstacle course complete with a rainbow, Pittsburgh bridges and the Liberty ‘tubes!’ You can easily create these at home on your driveway to spice up the summer fun with some PVC piping, duct tape and noodles!

Use sand buckets filled with rocks to weight down your pool noodles.  Use larger/ wider pool noodles to create connectors!  Tape them with clear tape if need be! 

Let your imagination run wild!

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All ways to create some fabulous fun with no cost or very little cost!

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