Fun time spent "puzzling" over puzzles!

August 21, 2012
This week's installment of National Geographic Uncle Milton products brings us PUZZLES! National Geo WILD Puzzles to be exact.  We received two of them to try out.  A 46 piece floor puzzle and a smaller 150 count foil puzzle. 

These puzzles can be found at Barnes and Noble in a variety of creatures! 
Yet another great gift to have on hand or stashed away for the holidays! 

My Peyton loves puzzles so this was the perfect opportunity to spend some time with her before school starts.  We tested out a large floor puzzle and a smaller puzzle that we're still working on.  The thing I love about smaller puzzles, is that it's quality time, stretched out.  We don't have to rush to get it done and can spend small moments on it together each day! 

We loved the large floor puzzle for it's realistic photograph of a loggerhead turtle.  I recently went to Florida and brought the girls back lots of information on the conservation of such creatures.  They really enjoy revisiting the topic and we had fun discussing the turtles while we built!  The ages say 5 and up and it definitely took the both of us to build it. 

Both puzzles are beautiful in coloration and depict true world creatures.  This is just so much better than cartoon puzzles we have sitting on our shelf.  These puzzles were conversation starters as we puzzled over the sound a zebra actually makes.  So we googled it.  

You should too :) 

 We give the products two thumbs up and look forward to next week's "Games" and Uncle Milton Anteater review! 

I can't say enough about the National Geographic line of products.  We have so very  much enjoyed testing them out for all of you!  Watch for next week's final review! Can anyone say… anteater!?

If you would like to purchase some fun and one on one time with your kids follow this link and you are on your way!

I was given the toys listed in this review but was not compensated in any other way. The views expressed are completely my own.