St. Patrick's Day Macaroni Necklace

Macaroni Celebrates

By Nicole Torretti March 12, 2013
Create a Shamrock necklace craft using penne MACARONI this week! Get ready for St. Patrick's Day with your macaronis!

What you need:
  • Penne (my 4 year old used 16 pieces)
  • Green paint
  • Paint brush
  • String for your necklace
  • Shamrock cutout
  • Hole punch
What to do:
  1. Paint your penne.
  2. Let your penne dry (you can make the shamrock cutout while waiting).
  3. Punch 2 holes at the top of the shamrock, as pictured.
  4. String 8-12 painted penne (half the amount needed to make the right sized necklace).
  5. String the shamrock.
  6. String the rest of the penne on the other side of the shamrock and tie the ends together.