St. Patrick's Day Treat Pouches

Macaroni Celebrates

By Michelle Melnik; Macaroni Kid Deerfield/Greenfield March 12, 2013
These St. Patrick's Day "Pouches" are the perfect size for a small treat or some "gold".

  • Envelopes (we used black envelopes sized 4.75" x 6.5" that we found at Michael's)
  • Glue tape or glue sticks
  • Decorative cardstock 12 x 12 (we used glittery gold and shamrocks)
  • Rainbow ribbon
  • Circle puncher (optional)
  • St. Patrick's Day stickers
  1. Start by gluing the envelope closed. Then cut the envelope in half, so you have two pouches that are approximately 3.25" long.
  2. Cut out your shamrock (or other decorative cardstock) into strips approximately 2.5" wide x 8.5" long. These strips can be wrapped and glued around the envelope.
  3. Then decorate your pots of gold with stickers and other embellishments.
  4. Add a St. Patrick's Day treat like goldfish, a small bag of candy, a gift card, small jewels, stickers, etc.