Little Leprechaun Feet--St. Patrick's Day Craft 2018

By Dana Hardek, Publisher, Beaver Valley Macaroni Kid March 10, 2018

e Leprechaun feet will magically appear on our walls the morning of St. Patrick's Day to let the kids know thatsomeone was running around in the middle of the night!

These prints are easy to make--you only need three things. 1. Cardstock 2. Green paint 3. Your fist.

Spread the green paint out on a Styrofoam plate. Ball up your fist and place the side of your hand down on the plate. Then, stamp your fist on the cardstock, like this:

 It should look like a little foot. Dab 5 dots where the toe prints should be, and let it dry. That's it! You're done! Cut out the footprints and find somewhere fun to stick them on St. Patrick's Day to show your kids that little leprechauns have been in your house!