I've Got My Eye on You Halloween Wreath


September 26, 2021

Supplies Needed:

* A wreath (white or you can wrap it with white ribbon)
* Ping pong balls. We used about 60 for a medium sized wreath.
* Ribbon for hanging
* Googly eyes
* Hot glue gun
* Aloe for your hot glue gun burns

1. Take your wreath and wrap it with white ribbon if you didn't purchase a white one.

2. Heat up that hot glue gun.  

3. Start gluing the balls to the wreath getting them as close as you can.

Tip alert: You are going to need to stack them a bit to cover all the areas.  So in a few places they will be two tall.

4. Or really step two would be better: tie a ribbon on so you can hang your creation.  OR wait until step 4 like I did!

5. Once you have all the balls glued on, take a moment to admire your hard work and get that aloe out for the first application to the place where you used to have finger prints.

6. Glue gun on those googly eyes!  

That's it!

Hang it and then nurse your glued fingers.

This craft was actually very simple even for someone who NEVER EVER crafts like me!