Halloween Candy Centerpiece

DIY Halloween Party Decoration or Hostess Gift

September 26, 2021


*Any Halloween candy that is super cute and super yummy!
*Large glass vase.  TIP ALERT:  If you’re using Peeps, I recommend using a perfectly round vase with a consistent circle circumference from the top to the bottom. This just makes it easier to place the Peeps along the outside.  I found mine at Wal-Mart for under $5!  
*Plain marshmallows for fillers.
*Skewers if you’re looking to use the Peeps to stick out of the vase.

Step 1:  Start layering with your heaviest candy on the bottom layer.

Step 2:  Put a layer of Peeps around the outside of the jar.

Step 3:  TIP ALERT!! Put regular marshmallows on the inside of the layer of Peeps to act as a filler for the next layer. This prevents the layers from getting too heavy!

 Step 4:  Keep layering until  you’ve reached the top!
Step 5:  Get some good-looking lollipops to stick out of the top layer or even put a few extra peeps on skewers to complete the look!

This makes a unique hostess gift, classroom teacher, coach or even for someone special in your neighborhood!  If you’re looking for a more portable version of this, replace the vase with a large Mason jar.  It’s just as cute but less likely to spill in transit!