Dye Easter Eggs With Shaving Cream

A Unique Way To Dye Eggs

March 31, 2017
Try this new method of dying eggs that's a bunch of mess and a whole load of fun.  We found the idea on Pinterest and gave it a whirl ourselves. 

Disclaimer:  Please make sure your child doesn't eat the shaving cream mixture.   Make sure you have old clothes on and paper towels nearby! 


One of the following: 
cookie sheet (with edges) 
cake pan 
baking tin (throw away)

shaving cream 
food coloring
tongs or large wooden spoon
paper towels
some sort of drying rack/ holder

How To: 

Cover the base of your cookie sheet, cake pan or baking tin with shaving cream.  It will foam up and get bigger so keep that in mind when spraying. 

Add droplets of food coloring on top of the shaving cream.  If your kids are like mine you will squeeze 876 million drops. 

Take a butter knife and swirl the droplets around creating a marbled effect.  Leave the colors vibrant though and not TOO MIXED.  

Carefully add an egg to the mixture and use your spoon or tongs to roll the egg around in the mess! 

Once satisfied with the colorations put your egg on the drying rack.  

Don't wipe it off just yet.  Let the colors saturate and sit. 

The shaving cream will harden somewhat after an hour or so.  Just take a paper towel and wipe them clean. 

There you go, marbled eggs with a side of sensory fun!