Easter Basket Ideas From Our Readers

March 18, 2016
Amanda Siciliano 
The kids' favorite non-baskets to date were the wheel barrows filled with gardening tools and seeds.

Melissa Garrison Webb
 I usually give a couple small things for summer (sun screen, flip flops, goggles etc), and then check groupon for something to do. This year it's alien golf, laser tag, and a pirate boat outing. Cost me just a few more dollars then what I used to spend on candy and junk they don't want or forget about after a day.

Kayt DeMerchant
We love Trugg totes. They come in different sizes and are flexible rubber type things with handles. This year I got totes from Mixed Bag. I think the kids will love them.

Jane Dorler
Stuffed beach bucket!

Marla Kessler Gottschalk 
Squirt guns, water balls, sports shorts, and clearance t-shirts this year. a few candies and even money inside the eggs -we are learning counting various coins in school, so works out perfectly!

Cherie Dourlain 
Bubbles, books and sidewalk chalk

Melissa Munroe 
Anything they NEED... Socks, underwear, pajamas... I like to add books too!

Rachel Condeluci Becker
My oldest son loves to plant things so I am putting a bunch of seeds and gardening stuff in his basket!

Stacey Weaver 
Sidewalk chalk, oyster crackers (her favorite), stuffed bunny, bunny ears, seeds to plant in the backyard, mini gardening tools, balls (another favorite - kickball, tennis balls, etc...) and a couple of animals for her ZooTalkers zoo.

Nancy Lincoln Gearhart 
Warmer weather PJs, goldfish crackers/bear grahams, crayons and coloring book, older kids get earbuds, tub toys, art supplies, perhaps a small doll...these are just my ideas and options... all of this does not go in one basket

Debra Scott Clingenpeel
Gardening things (seeds, tools, etc), butterfly net, dress-up things (wings, silly glasses with nose and mustache, tutu, etc) and always a new coloring book and stickers.

Jill Bradley-Allen
Little toys, jump rope, bubbles, fruit snacks and books!

Dee Beal Williams
Swimsuit, shades, sunscreen - you see where I am going with this.

Marissa Jones Hojdila 
1 chocolate bunny,a couple jelly beans, swim suit, shades and sandals. Sometimes books too!

Jennifer Wine-Colwell 
We do smaller board games.....activity books for the car......reading materials for the older favorite candy for each of them....and summer fun stuff (shovels, sunglasses, flipflops, ect)

Sabrina Dillon Brindle 
No matter what I have in their baskets they always get new toothbrushes. And they love them. Kids are so weird!

Tanya Thorpe
Bathing suits, flip flops, beach towel, goggles and pool stuff.

Jill Dobransky Rose 
Beach towel, sunglasses, flip flops. Gardening gloves, sidewalk chalk, , bubbles. Spring-like jammies and always a book!

Tooth brush, chap sticks, baseball gloves, (its the season) , cash, gift cards, video games, dvds, baseball cards and pjs!

Cooking kits... ingredients to make a kid friendly meal.