Easter Egg Knocking: A Great New Tradition To Add To Your Celebration

By Deb Perry March 22, 2024

Easter morning at the Perry household hosts all kinds of fun festivities--- but most anticipated.  


The Annual Family Egg Cracking Contest. 

Most children wake up on Easter morning to search for their Easter basket.  Some families pile into their cars to attend worship services, but THIS family wakes up to wonder, WHO WILL WIN THIS YEAR?  Will it be me?

You heard right.  

We crack eggs, we make a contest of it ,and we are downright RUTHLESS.  A tradition started in my father's family years and years ago, it is something I have been doing since I was a young little chicken.  No pun intended.  That's even a picture of my sister and I up there.  Doctored, but still us.  We were fierce about this competition and by golly-- still are.  


Little did I know there was actually some history to this marvel of events, and it's actually a common EVENT in many countries INCLUDING the USA!  


Or Pacques Pacques --- the French term for "Easter Easter "and also-- the sound the eggs make when knocking!  

It's simple. To participate in such an event.  You need at least two people.  Each has a "chosen" hard-boiled egg and prays that the "force" will be with their egg (at least I do).  

One person holds the egg with the end pointed and waits while the opposing contestant attempts to crack it with the pointed end of another egg. Then the positions are reversed while the contestants test the flat ends of the eggs.  



Sometimes...YOUR egg ends up cracking though.  That's not a happy time.  As evidenced by my 1997 loss. 

When you have a cracked end:  you must continue to play with only one good end.  

The person that receives two cracked ends first---is out.  

The person with the remaining one or two good ends:  gloats and moves on even if you're a Great Grandma. 

Imagine March Madness Poll-- Gone Egg.

Divide up your family members, make up a bracket to record the "matches" and play until the FINAL CHOSEN ONE IS REVEALED.

There can ONLY be ONE winner.  And THIS year in MY family-- it shall be me. 

My tenacious research has shown that there's even some science to choosing  the winning eggs. TOP SECRET INFORMATION BELOW :  (this message will self-destruct in 3…..2…1)


Ping the end on your front teeth-- and the sound you hear will help to determine your eggs strength.  Softer eggs will make a blunt, dull sound.  According to experts.  Ahem.   Winning eggs will make a high-pitched " ting."  Sounds official huh?  


I'm totally trying it this year.  

I'm also boiling my hard-boiled egg in coffee grinds--- for super-duper strength.  If any of you share that tip with any of my family members--- I shall find you. 


Happy Easter, Happy Passover to all!  Enjoy the day, no matter what crazy tradition your family does!