6 Halloween Costume Safety Tips

By Sara Youngblood-Ochoa, Publisher October 29, 2016
Halloween is such an exciting holiday! The opportunity to dress up as someone (or something) else provides endless amusement for kids (and some adults!). These tips will ensure that Halloween is fun and safe for all your little ghosts, superheros and princesses! 

  1. When shopping for a costume, purchase the right size. Too long and your Mac Kid will be tripping and falling all night. Too tight and the costume will restrict movement.
  2. Check labels on all costumes and accessories to make sure they are flame retardant.
  3. Encourage your child to choose a mask-free costume, as masks can block eyesight.
  4. If using make-up, try it out on a small patch of skin prior to the big night. If the make-up irritates your Mac Kid's skin, skip it.
  5. Select light-colored costumes if possible. If not, add reflective tape to costumes and treat bags.
  6. If your child's costume includes a sword, wand, cane or other long item, it should be soft and flexible.
Following these tips should keep Halloween fun, safe and free of unwanted frights!