9 Amazing Halloween Classroom Treat Bag Ideas

That AREN'T Lame

September 26, 2021

Stressed over the Halloween Treat Bags (dun dun dunnnnn playing in the background)?

We got ya covered!  From the easiest to SLIGHTLY more time-consuming.

It's all here for you!  

First up we have two POOs!

Ghost Poo and Pumpkin Poop Bags

Mini marshmallows and cheese balls make a hilarious treat that will give the kids a giggle this Halloween!

The Creepy Popcorn Hand

A simple food service glove becomes a great display of SPOOOOKY with some popcorn and candy corn!

We're climbing up the ranks here, and we're going to have to ask you to get out your craft scissors for these next few.

Go Batty!

A Hershey bar and some black cardstock make YOU the momma with the most awesome idea out there. Bat Bars!

Spooky Smores

Camping isn't just for summer. Halloween boasts the perfect time to make this ooey gooey treat. Set up your friends with a custom smore package that looks like a ghost!

Melted witches

The MOST UNIQUE idea we found. If you want to make a statement-- this is the way to do it.


Bat and moon bag!

A little ambiance never hurt, and these bags are perfect for getting everyone in a spooky mood! (the bats are tied ribbon knots!)

Candy Corn Favor Bag

We're addicted to candy corn this year and that doesn't just mean the CANDY! Check out this little treat we found!

Witches Broom Bag

It's as simple as can be, but it looks like a million dollars! A brown bag, cut into equal strips (don't cut the base off!) was all it took!