St. Patrick's Day Fun

By Jennifer Hill Macaroni Kid Fremont Publisher March 11, 2018

Years of experience as a child care provider means I really step up my game on these fun holidays for my own kids! Who would have thought that magical green milk, cereal, pudding, and more would create such excitement in kids? Well, trust me, it does! St. Patrick's Day is always one of my favorites.

A few days beforehand, we start talking about those pesky little leprechauns, how they like to cause mischief, and how we might like to trap one this year. Then on the morning of the 17th, I am prepared with my magical food coloring! 

Before the kids get up, I put some food coloring in the toilet tank to surprise the first visitor to the restroom. Then I put a drop into each of their empty cups and also into their cereal bowls before covering it with the cereal. Then as I call them to breakfast, I start pouring milk into a cup and am so shocked when I see the white milk turning green! The kids quickly become excited and watch in surprise as each cup of milk also turns green! Next, I start pouring milk into their cereal bowls, which are on the table in front of them. More magical amazement!

While they eat breakfast, I add a few drops of green into a mixing bowl and dump my vanilla pudding powder into the bowl while talking about making pudding for them for their afternoon snack. As I begin stirring, the amazement continues! GREEN pudding! Those leprechauns keep busy, let me tell you! (You can also turn eggs green!)

When the kids still took naps, the leprechauns usually caused some sort of chaos as well. Maybe their little chairs get tipped over, a few toy bins spilled out... you get the idea.

Have fun with the reactions you receive when those leprechauns stir up trouble at your house this year!