Make A Generational Mother's Day Photo

D.I.Y. This Mother's Day!

May 6, 2018

Every year we surprise our self by finding even more unique ideas that can be done at home.  This one is called "Generation Photo."   It can easily be done in your home with some photo paper or with some time - the help of a printing place.

We stuck with 8 x10 photos that we created at home!  You can certainly do this first Generation Photo larger using an 11 x14 frame for the end result.  Either way, it is sensational!

Find a frame the size of your desired end picture.  I wanted to give an 8 x 10 so I found a chunky, vibrant blue color at Hobby Lobby.  You can do this either way.  From oldest to youngest or vice versa.  It's all up to you.

1.  Take a snapshot of the 1st generation.  If this will be the smallest image in your finished picture, make sure it's close up of the face.  A far away shot will not work.  You won't know who it is by the time you finish this project.

2.  Print out that 1st snap shot.  Frame it in the frame you bought.  Now have the next generation hold that framed picture and take a snap shot.  

3.  Repeat the process of printing and framing this new picture.
4.  The next generation then holds the picture frame and gets their picture taken.


5. Print it and frame it.  It's NOW ready for gift giving if you've photographed all the generations in your family.

Family Tree

If you want to do something more simple, try this one.
Find a simple frame that houses the correct number of generations you want to show off.   Then simply put a picture of each family member in the correct frame.   In this option, I started with the kids at the top and my grandmother at the bottom.  It's certainly attractive and a nice spin on the traditional family picture.

Either way, photographs make a big impact for little cost. Happy Mother's Day!