Psst, hey's time to apply for the COOP!

Plus, registration is now open for the FREE Fall After School program at Mattress Factory

By Mattress Factory September 1, 2021
The 15 members of the Mattress Factory Teen Art Cooperative form a tight-knit group that meets weekly on Thursday afternoons from October through May to plan and put on events, get to know and work with local artists, and get a behind the scenes look into how the Museum operates. The Mattress Factory works hard to say yes to our resident artists, and we work hard in the Cooperative to say yes to the members of the group! All members must be enrolled in High School, have a sense of curiosity, an interest in the creative and a willingness to try new things, aka: be courageous!

The Cooperative is an inclusive and Brave Space where all members work together to support one another as we all learn together. Applications to join the Cooperative are open until September 19. Oh, and did we mention it is a totally FREE program!? Let the Teens in your life know about it today!
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Parents, After School is going to be in session

Registrations are now open for this Fall's After School @ the Factory session, "creating home," a free program running from September 22 to December 15.

What makes a place a home? Students in grades 3-5 are invited to join the Mattress Factory on Wednesday afternoons to create spaces that are welcoming, inspiring, and connect us together through art, conversation and collaboration. Inspired by the Mattress Factory’s upcoming exhibition making home here, the students will work together to explore new places, materials and ideas!

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