Find Your Family Fun at Triple B Farms: A Day of Playful Adventures!

MacKID Mama Approved Family Fun

By Emily Papa, Macaroni KID South Hills of Pittsburgh Publisher August 10, 2023

Hey there, fellow MacKID fam! I've got some seriously exciting scoop to share – we spent our Sunday this past weekend being hosted by our friends at Triple B Farms in Monongahela, PA, and oh boy, was it an adventure for the books! As a busy mom of two, I'm always on the lookout for family-friendly outings that combine fun and learning, and let me tell you, Triple B Farms nailed it in every way possible.

From Peachy Keen to Flower Power: Our PYO Extravaganza!

Now, I've gotta admit something – this was my first-ever experience with Pick-Your-Own (PYO) activities outside of pumpkin season, and let me tell you, I loved every second of it! We made it just in time for the last day of peach picking, but there were still so many to chose from! Just imagining the upcoming apple and pumpkin picking adventures has my excitement levels skyrocketing!

I think I've found the best peach in the bunch!

Taking a break to sample the goods!

But wait, there's more – the Cut-Your-Own Flower fields were like walking through a dream. We grabbed a tin for $25 and went wild, filling it with a rainbow of blossoms. And guess what? This tin isn't a one-time deal. We can bring it back whenever our home needs a floral boost and refill it for just $15. Talk about a blooming fantastic deal!

This photo doesn't even do these flower's justice but can you get over that perfect sunflower?!

Petting Zoo Shenanigans and Hayride Vibes: Yes, Please!

Now, let's talk about that hayride – but with a twist! No hay-induced tickles here. Triple B Farms takes things up a notch with their hayless hayride. Smooth rides, panoramic views, and the pure joy of being outdoors – it was like a breath of fresh air for the whole family.

Someone is coming back from the fields with more than peaches!

Obsessed with tractors!

Our adventure continued as we made our way to Triple B Farms' petting zoo. My kids were over the moon, high-fiving goats and snuggling up with the sweetest farm animals you ever did see. It's these moments that truly make memories, right?

Goat 'ya!

Pop's Funyard: Acres of Fresh Air and Farm Fun

My kids hit the jackpot when we arrived at Pop's Funyard. They bounced up and down and all around on the giant jumping pillow, tirelessly climbed Tire Mountain, and missed all the traffic sliding through the tunnel slides led to magical adventures. The Duck Derby, giant games, and endless laughter would have entertained them for hours if that mid-afternoon sun would have let them! Seeing my little ones grinning from ear to ear was absolutely priceless.

Climbing Tire Mountain

No traffic here!

Jumping Pillows were their favorite!

MacKID Mama Tips for an Epic Trip: Learn from Our Adventure!

1. Early Birds Win: We kicked off our day bright and early to beat the heat and get the cream of the crop – after all, those PYO goodies are first come, first served. Score!

2. Dress to Impress (the Sun): Sunscreen, hats, and bug spray were our trusty sidekicks. My mom fail was forgetting allergy meds. They would have been a total lifesaver when pollen decided to join the party.

3. Travel Light, Explore Big: If you're headed to PYO, leave your bags, strollers, and wagons in the car or be prepared to park them at the bottom of the hill – you won't be able to bring them in the fields. And heads up, even small crossbody bags get the car treatment.

4. Bee-Wary Blossoms: While the cut-your-own flowers offer a charming experience, little ones might want to skip this activity if bees make them nervous. You are in fact, in their playground. 

Before You Say Goodbye: Load Up on Local Goodness

As our day adventure wound down, we made sure to hit up Triple B Farms' market. Stocking up on local produce and goodies was the perfect way to extend the farm magic at home. My husband may never let me buy store-bought string cheese again and my kids had fudgey-faces for the rest of the day! Plus, supporting local vendors just feels good – it's a win-win situation!

So there you have it, my fellow MacKID fam. Our Triple B Farms weekend was nothing short of epic. From juicy peaches to colorful flower fields, petting zoo pals to Pop's Funyard wonders, this farm-tastic getaway had it all. If you're on the hunt for family fun that's off the charts, Triple B Farms is where the party's at. So grab your crew, slip on those shades, and let the adventure begin!