Talking to Children About Emotions

WQED Launches TEAMology Season 3

October 6, 2023

WQED recognizes that academic success for children goes beyond proficiency in reading, writing, and arithmetic. It also encompasses emotional well-being, which influences educational achievement.

Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence in young children, WQED has joined forces with TEAMology, an educational company rooted in Pennsylvania and initially supported by Invent Penn State. Unique character puppets developed by TEAMology, and crafted by Pittsburgh Puppet Works with the financial support of The Marcus L Ruscitto Charitable Foundation, play a pivotal role in helping WQED facilitate children's comprehension, expression, and handling of their emotions.

An engaging cast of puppet characters—Amelia, Harper, Lamar, Paco, Philo, and Ruby—leads TEAMology's "team." In the third season, which is now available at, the puppets explore three new themes, expanding their impact on children's emotional growth and development.

  • Coping with Stress: From conflicts with friends and families to dealing with lots of homework, Ruby and her TEAMology friends help kids stress less and feel better.
  • Asking for Help: Amelia and Lamar help their friend realize that if you've tried your best but still can’t figure it out, ask for help. That’s called teamwork!
  • Big Problems vs. Small Problems: Philo helps some out-of-this-world friends recognize the difference between a small problem and a big problem and explains ways to handle problems safely and effectively.

WQED’s collaboration with TEAMology is made possible by The Marcus L. Ruscitto Charitable Foundation. Their flagship initiative, "Know What's Right, Do What's Right®," equips children with the tools to address bullying and other concerning behaviors through social and emotional learning. Recognizing the transformative work of TEAMology's Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program in delivering evidence-based, and highly effective bullying prevention for young children, the Foundation played a pivotal role in introducing thousands of elementary students, teachers, and families with it through WQED's educational media expertise and school networks.

With the Foundation’s ongoing support, WQED has been able to expand the reach of TEAMology programming. This expansion includes the development of extended, in-depth vignettes, comprehensive lesson plans, and a wealth of educational resources, all of which have allowed for the introduction of the program to a wider array of schools and community partners through in-person assemblies.