Strong Smiles Start at Steel City Pediatric Dentistry

Why your child needs a pediatric dentist

February 16, 2024

At Steel City Pediatric Dentistry in Sewickley, we are a small but mighty team who truly cares about our patients and oral health education; in addition to continuously finding ways to help our patients and future patients grow, by means of using our CO2 laser for lip and tongue tie releases (frenectomies). We pride ourselves in being a fun and laid back office, all while offering the most up to date services to our current and future patients. We are here to provide preventative care, in addition to the potential necessary procedures (extractions, white composite resin fillings, stainless steel or white zirconia crowns and/or frenectomies) we may find our patients need; all while making our patients feel at ease. We do this by offering choices! TV's overhead with headphones during cleanings & treatment appointments, 6 scents of silly air noses (strawberry 🍓, grape 🍇, vanilla cupcake 🧁, blueberry 🫐, orange 🍊, & bubble gum 🫧), 6 flavors of toothpaste & fluoride vitamins (strawberry 🍓, chocolate 🍫, marshmallow 🧁, smores 🍪, bubblegum 🫧 & mint 🪥) PLUS stickers, tattoos & a prize wall with 10+ choices to look forward to at the end of your appointment! 😎

By establishing your child with a pediatric dentist by their first birthday, you are setting your child up for success for the rest of their life. 

Your child seeing a pediatric dentist, versus a general family dentist, is beneficial in several ways: 

⭐️ prevention of/education on early childhood decay

⭐️ early intervention for oral habits

⭐️ establishing good dental hygiene habits and providing guidance on proper brushing and flossing techniques; in addition to nutritional counseling and guidance on how to prevent future dental problems

⭐️ x-rays of the back teeth by age 4 (versus age 8 when decay may require more invasive and extensive treatment) to detect potential decay not able to be seen clinically; which can help prevent more serious issues in the future

⭐️ equipped to provide dental care to children with special needs, who may have physical, developmental, or cognitive disabilities

⭐️ more child friendly atmosphere (going to the dentist can be fun!)

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